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Best Chicken Breeds for Egg Production

Hens of all breeds lay eggs, however given the identical situations reminiscent of care, shelter and meals, the most effective hen breeds for egg manufacturing are simply higher layers. These chickens had been bred for optimum manufacturing for eggs virtually year-round. They’re hardy breeds, however some are higher suited to farms and homesteads the place others can readily adapt to the yard coop. Some are energetic and busy whereas others are docile and calm. Learn on to search out out which breeds are appropriate to your homestead or yard scenario.

    • Leghorns (pronounced “leggerns”)-This breed originated close to Livorno (translated Leghorn) Italy. They had been dropped at America in 1852. Leghorns are energetic, hardy, know learn how to forage and are distinctive layers. This breed is just not fitted to backyards, however relatively forage-based techniques and homesteads. They’re busy, energetic flyers and noisy. They are often flighty round people and customarily do not make good pets. They lay 300 eggs per 12 months. Produce massive white eggs.


    • Intercourse-Hyperlink Hybrids-These chickens are bred from crossing 2 completely different purebred breeds. They’re known as sex-link as a result of it is simple to inform the distinction between the male chicks and the feminine chicks by colour. The two classes of sex-link chickens are black sex-links and purple sex-links. They’re hardy for each cold and warm climates, calm and quiet. This pleasant breed is appropriate for metropolis backyards they make nice pets. They lay 300 eggs per 12 months and are energetic foragers that additionally do nicely in smaller areas like hen tractors. Produce massive brown eggs.


    • Rhode Island Reds-One in all America’s oldest hen breeds, Rhode Island Reds had been developed in New England within the 19th century. Glorious foragers, they’re calm and do nicely in hen tractors and movable coops. These birds make nice yard chickens in addition to for the homestead. This can be a dual-purpose breed, which means they’re meat-and-eggs birds. They lay 250-300 eggs per 12 months. Produce massive brown eggs.


    • New Hampshire Reds-Bred from many generations of Rhode Island Reds, the New Hampshire Reds are a pressure throughout the breed that had been the handpicked and punctiliously chosen people for vigor and hardiness. They mature early and produce 208-260 eggs per 12 months. They had been known as New Hampshire Reds for his or her wealthy, purple plumage they usually had been meatier than the Rhode Island Reds. A peaceful quiet breed for backyards and coops. Produce massive medium-brown eggs.


    • Rhode Island Whites-This can be a separate breed from the Rhode Island Reds, and was developed by crossing rose-combed White Leghorns, White Wyandottes and Partridge Cochins again in 1888. Laying 240-250 eggs per 12 months, they’re hardy and environment friendly foragers. They’re a meatier hen with well-rounded breasts. Rhode Island Whites are nicely tailored to very chilly climates. Produce massive brown eggs.
    • Australorps-Developed in Australia for harsh local weather situations, this dual-purpose breed lays 250 eggs per 12 months. Australorps are hardy, vigorous and environment friendly at foraging. They’re a meaty breed that’s clever and has a docile and pleasant persona. They’re additionally good for yard pets within the metropolis. Produce light-brown eggs.
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